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The TA-23 handset

The TA-23 handset comes with a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button and 3.5-meter long cable.


  • Rugged handset for Industrial application
  • PTT-key for simplex operation in extremely noisy environments
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • High quality digital background noise reduction*
  • HD-voice compatible*
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Designed for Turbine Industrial Intercoms
*when used with Turbine Industrial Intercoms
TA-23 Side.png

Connecting the TA-23 handset to the TFIE station

TA-23 Handset Connection on 9-Pin Terminal J8


Handset accessory setting

Handset operation

Toggle Button in the TFIE-1 station

When "Accessory" is set to "Turbine Handset", the station is by default in loudspeaking mode, i.e. the audio is routed to the speaker and microphone of the front panel of the TFIE station. Audio is also routed to the handset speaker, but the handset microphone is disabled.

When a call is received, handset mode is activated by pressing the PTT button in the handset. The audio will then be routed to the handset, and the loudspeaker and the microphone in the front panel is muted.

When the TFIE station returns to idle, e.g. when a call is ended, the station will automatically return to loudspeaking mode.

In stations with Toggle button (TFIE-1 only), one can also use this button to activate the handset. The button lets you toggle between loudspeaking and handset mode. The LED in the toggle button shows the status:

  • Green LED = Loudspeaking mode
  • Red LED = Handset mode


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