Transparent Mode DAK-Key Configuration

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When making an external call from AlphaCom out on a SIP trunk (or to a station type PNCI), the dialed digits are sent transparent through the AlphaCom, out on the SIP Trunk.

However, there might be a need to let the AlphaCom handle the digits, for example if one wants to make a call transfer (2 + intercom number + 3) or blind transfer after the telephone call has been established.

Default operation:

  • DAK key 8 (counted from 0) is used for switching off "transparent mode" when calling from analog (ASLT) stations.
  • DAK key 3 (counted from 0) is used when calling from IP stations.

The full operation to transfer a call after having established an external conversation, is: DAK 8 + 2 + intercom number + 3.

Configuration from AlphaPro Event Handler

The System Status Event related to device (subevent) 65 can be used to write the wanted value to the nvram at system startup:

Action commands:

$SNV Q<DAK key> W1 W2 W21

<DAK key> = 2 to 9.


Use DAK key 2 to turn off "transparent mode"

Configuration using TST console

Which DAK key to use for switching off transparent mode can be configured from the nvram editor in the TST console:

.ex_profile.glob_const.trans_mode_dak = 8 (0x08)

Possible values are 2 - 9

Note that DAK keys 0 and 1 are reserved for * and # and cannot be used.

If trans_mode_dak is changed from default 8, both IP stations and ASLT stations will use the configured DAK key.

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