Two Line Names

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Functional Description

This feature makes it possible to identify an user using two lines in the station display:

  • In the idle station display
  • During conversation
  • During conversation across AlphaNet

It’s possible to operate with a mix of one and two line names. If a user has a one-line name, the second line will display as blank. The second name part is entered in the directory number table with and feature/id equal to the standard user (first line) name, but with the HIDE flag set. Thus, it’s possible to have two line names for all users in an exchange.

Two line names does NOT work for other features like:

  • Name list
  • Mail queue entries (Call Request, Call Back etc.)
  • Event handler %1.NAM
  • Data protocol commands with name parameters


Display layout (during commisioning)

To modify display layout the MDF file must be modified. When the MDF file is modified, this affects ALL display stations in one exchange.
There are two new MDF operators (they obtain the station id different ways depending on the station state):

  • $na2 - used during connection
  • $xp2 - used in idle display

The MDF entries that must be modified are:

#UMSG 20 14 % I_CONN_OPEN_CALL, Initiating an open call 
      % Parameter: 1 - "h" (tns-hand, b-subscr) 
     "$dno:1 $nam:1#clr" 
#UMSG 20 15 % I_CONN_PRIV_CALL, Initiating a private call 
       % Parameter: 1 - "h" (tns-hand, b-subscr) 
     "$dno:1 $nam:1#clr" 
#UMSG 20 18  % I_CONN_OPEN_CALL_REQ, Receiving open call 
       % Parameter: 1 - "o" (subscr. no) 
     "$dno:1 $nam:1#clr" 
#UMSG 20 19 % I_CONN_PRIV_CALL_REQ, Receiving private call 
       % Parameter: 1 - "o" (subscr. no) 
     "$dno:1 $nam:1#clr"         % DIR_NO and Name are parameters 

#UMSG 20 4  % I_SBS_IDLE_CLOCK, Station is Idle, update clock line 
       % No parameter 
     "#pos(2,1)$xd1-$xy4 $xtm#clr"  % Date and Time, presented by the exchange 
#UMSG 20 3  % I_SBS_IDLE, Station is Idle 
       % No parameter 
       % This is the initial text 
     "$xno $xpe#clr"  % Own DIR_NO and Name, presented by the exchange 
     "$xp2#clr"  % 2. line name 

The UMSG 20 4 entry will write date & time to line 2 for all stations in idle every minute. If you don’t want this behavior, just remove the line below it with ”#pos....” text completely.

AlphaPro (regular name maintenance) screen

The line two name must be added in the screen.

  • Select the user which shall have a line number two
  • Press "Insert" to add a new
  • Make sure the feature/id is identical to the previous selection
  • Check the HIDE option.
  • Enter identical to the standard user name.

(You are allowed to enter a duplicate when the hide option is set first)

  • Enter name for display line two screen

The # character that appears to the right of some lines in the list box indicates that the HIDE flag is active for these entries.

User/Station screen

When you now go to the User/station screen you will see these two names under each other. You can modify the and name here if you like.

Note that both entries are shown as “default user”, as they represent two dir.nos for the same user (not two users on one station).

TwoLineNames User.jpg

If you create and delete names a lot they may appear swapped line2/line1 in AlphaPro. The exchange will handle them correctly always!