Unlock intercom station with password

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This article describes how a master station can be locked in idle, and unlocked by dialing a passcode. When the code is dialed, the station will be unlocked for a preset periode of time, then it will automatically be locked again.

The passcode is an Event Trigger number. When dialed it will move the station to a COS (Class of Service) in which all wanted features are enabled. Also a timer is started. When the timer expires, the station will be moved to a COS were all features are disabled, except the event trigger feature itself.

  • In AlphaPro - Directory & Features, Insert a new event trigger directory number with feature number 85, e.g. 9200.
Create a passcode using feature 85. Here 9200 is used as passcode

  • In AlphaPro - COS, modify COS 2 to include feature 85 only.
Make feature 85 (event trigger) available in COS 2

  • Program two new events in the Event Handler.

In AlphaPro, select Exchange & System - > Events, and Insert two events with the following properties:

Event 1 - Unlock the station by moving the station to COS 1 when dialing passcode 9200. A 10,0 second timer is started.


Action commands:

The parameter W100 = 10.0 seconds. Change if required.

Event 2 - After the 10 sec timeout, lock the station by moving it to COS 2.


Action commands:

Note icon By default all stations are in COS 1, and thereby "Unlocked". To prevent that a SendAll from AlphaPro will "unlock" all stations, it is recommended to "lock" all stations by moving them to COS 2 in the AlphaPro database.

Put stations in COS 2