VS-IS maintenance release

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The Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom Suite, VS-IS, was released 8th of Febrary 2018. VS-IS is a software package containing a number of maintenance releases.


The release contains new sofware for:

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • During the upgrade process, a station can end up in reboot loop if firmware files have not transferred successfully.
Firmware upgrade procedure made more robust and all firmware image files are double-checked for successful transfer before any flashing procedure is started.
  • Periodic sound loss when doing announcements using AlphaCom relayed multicast
Improved the Relayed Multicast handling to be more robust on larger systems.
  • Permanent Audio Stream (PAS) not working on INCA.
Fixed a bug in obsoleted license policing
  • Better handling of boot environment image upgrade process in VS-IMT.
If a specific firmware image mandates upgrading of boot environment then VS-IMT shall automatically enable such upgrade step. It is now also possible to select additional options related to boot environment upgrade
  • Performance issues on VS-IMT projects with large number of IP stations.
Saving configuration or opening projects that consist of lot of IP stations could take a lot of time. Fixed with performance optimizations on the VS-IMT database layer.

For a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, see Release Notes for the relevant product.


The software is available on the Software Download Page

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