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Version (31.10.2022)

Security vulnerability reported on the embedded VLC player

VLC has been updated to the recommended version,

Windows compatibility

VS-Operator, server and client, has been tested with Windows 11 The server has been tested with Windows Server 2022

Version (15.04.2021)

On slow networks, transferring data from server to client could time out

The transfer of configuration data between server and client has been rewritten, data is sent in smaller parts. For large projects this does mean a slightly slower startup of the client.

Version (15.03.2021)

Icon error status on client startup

The icons of stations which are in a fault-state at the time of client startup are now indicated in the correct status.

Version (08.06.2020)

Linked maps

Although it was possible to create a hierarchy of linked maps, icon activity in a map was only indicated on the map directly above it in that hierarchy. As from the icon activity in a lower map will be indicated through the links in all maps on the higher levels.

Version (11.03.2020)

Snapshot functionality

Per video view it is possible to enable snapshot functionality.

  • Some cameras allow a snapshot to be taken from the camera; it is possible to configure the relevant URL for each camera
  • If a URL is not defined for the camera, the snapshot will be taken from the video player
  • Snapshots can be enable per video view
  • Taking of snapshots can be enabled per operator profile
  • Access to snapshots can be restricted to operator profiles

Version (01.10.2019)

Display pane

A display pane is a pane with a configurable number of lines of which each line is individually addressable to display text. Font and font attributes can be used for additional indication purposes. Multiple display panes can be configured. One line in the display pane with ID=1 can be assigned to display queueing information.

New script function: DispWrite

Closely related to the Display pane, this function allows display information to be written to lines in display panes.

New station filter OnCustomWordStringParameter

Provides a way of transferring value and string parameters from ICX or AlphaCom to VS-Operator.

Station icon label text

It is now possible to select whether the display text or directory number shall be used as label for station icons which are placed on a map.

Additional Caption parameters

%RCICAPTION and %RCOCAPTION are now available as parameter in any script where also %RCI and %RCO are available.

SQL date/time format setting

On some setups the VS-Operator client seems to hang when history data is retrieved. After some time a error message is displayed.
It is now possible to configure the date/time format which is used by the VS-Operator server to access the SQL database to solve this problem.

Version (02.09.2019)

Additional Caption parameters

%ACAPTION, %BCAPTION and %OPCAPTION are now available as parameter in any script where also %DIRA, %DIRB and %DIROP are available.
%CAPTION is kept for backward compatibility with already working scripts but should not be used in new scripts anymore.

Exit over Password

In 'Users and Rights' it is now possible to define that a password must be used to close the VS-Operator client when in operational mode.

Block Logout

In 'Users and Rights' it is now possible to block the possibility to logout when in operational mode.


When in operational mode it is now possible to handover. Handover can only be done to another user with the same Profile or to an administrator. On Handover, the same layout will be used and any call request, call or icon indications will remain. Note that if Logout is blocked and CanClose is disabled for a layout, it is only possible to close the client after handover to an administrator.

Copy/Paste of buttons

It is possible to copy/paste the contents of a cell in a button matrix to another cell. All properties are copied, and therefore care must be taken to update the ButtonID manually. Copy by using selecting a cell and CTRL-C; paste by selecting another cell and CTRL-V.
Copy/Paste also works between button matrices.

Full screen mode

A new flag is available for a form: 'Full screen'. All Windows frames will be removed, and the application will take the complete screen.

Start-up script on layout change

It is possible to define a start-up script for each layout. The script will run on activation of that layout.

Text attributes in maps

It is possible to select an icon in a map and after that multiselect other icons. Then the text attributes (font, font color, …) of the first selected icon can be copied to all other selected icons.

Possibility to move TABs

When a TABbed panel with TABbed pages has been defined, it is possible to move the TABs by drag/drop, within the same panel. This works in configuration mode only.

Increase TAB height

A new parameter is introduced in TABbed panels to change the size of the TAB.

Thin bars

The top and bottom bars in configuration mode and the bottom bar in operational mode can be set to 'Thin bars'.

Version (29.01.2019)

Time out on congested networks

The time out for communication between server and client is now configurable. ConfigData.xml in C:\Program Files (x86)\Vingtor Stentofon\Vingtor-Stentofon Operator\Vingtor-Stentofon Operator Server (default installation directory) has a new variable:

  • <LoadAsyncTimeout>20000</LoadAsyncTimeout>

The time is set in milliseconds, the default is 20 seconds. The time was fixed to 2 seconds in previous versions.

Version (28.01.2019)

Parameter not passed correctly

When using a script, the value for parameter DIRA was not passed correctly. Calls could not be setup and call request could not be answered.

Version (08.01.2019)

Test buttons became visible

Sometimes some 'unexplained' buttons would become visible. These buttons have now been removed.

Version (10.12.2018)


The parameter CAPTION in a filter script is related to the directory number of the station which triggered the script, this is not necessarily the A-subscriber in a call. V1.4.3.1 introduces ACAPTION, which returns the station display text of the A-subscriber. It goes together with the parameters NNA and DIRA.

Version (12.09.2018)


Possibility to assign specific maps and devices to an operator. Activity of other devices/maps remains hidden.
It is now also possible to hide the 'own station' from a map.

Run a script on TAB-selection

It is possible to run a script when a TAB is selected or deselected. It is also possible to display a warning message on TAB-selection; this is to prevent running a script accidentally when the wrong TAB is selected.

Possibility to select a different layout from a script

There may be circumstances that a totally different layout needs to be selected due to a critical event in another system.

Tile view can now display an image

The functionality of a Tile View has been expanded to also be able to display an image. An image can be displayed when the client starts, but also through a script.

Open and close form automatically

It is now possible to open and close a form depending on active elements in the functional controls in that form:

  • Call requests list
  • Established call panel
  • Selected call request
  • Tile View (only for camera activity)
  • Map view
  • Through a script command

This makes it possible to hide the form and only pop-up/down when there is activity in a relevant control. It is possible to have multiple forms in a layout, each with only 1 or a view of the above controls.

AlphaNet service Provider

The AlphaNet Service Provider can be seen as a port expander. Connect the Vingtor-Stentofon Operator directly to port 61112 or 61113, or use the AlphaNet Service Provider if there are more software integrations then available OPC/API ports; Note that each integration software must support the use of the AlphaNet Service Provider. Also see AlphaNetServiceProvider.

Commands to retrieve the state of devices

Several methods are now available to retrieve the state of a device, see the manual, appendix E.

Global variables

It is now possible to set and get variables in a script. These variable are global and available to other scripts, even after the script which defined such a variable has already stopped running, see the manual, appendix E.

Version (21.06.2018)

Vingtor-Stentofon Operator renaming completed

All references in icons and texts have been changed from AlphaView to Vingtor-Stentofon Operator

Vingtor-Stentofon Operator Client crash after many video tile open and close operations

Especially in a system with a large number of cameras it could happen that the Vingtor-Stentofon Operator Client would crash after many call requests/calls.

Version (29.01.2018)

Vingtor-Stentofon Operator Client lockup when closing video

It could sometimes happen that the Vingtor-Stentofon Operator client would lock up when the VLC player instance was closed and/or disposed. This bug was introduced in version

Version (18.01.2018)

Use additional form as pop-up for video

When the additional form contains a tile view, the form can pop-up when video is started in that tile view. To function properly make certain that the following properties are set as indicated:

  • Can close: True
  • Can maximize: False
  • Can minimize: False
  • Control box: True
  • Always on top: True

Version (10.01.2018)

Possibility to link maps

Introduction of 'Map-link objects'. Such an object can be placed on a map to link to a next map. Activity in the underlying map will be indicated by a change of appearance of the map-link object.

Map handling - no automatic zoom

It is now possible to disable the automatic zoom when selecting an active map. If zoom is enabled it is possible to set the zoom-level, from 1-20. 20 means totally zoomed out and is comparable to disabling the automatic zoom

New methods

A new method, ShowDevice has been implemented.
void ShowDevice(string IdOrName, int viewId);
ShowDevice shows a map. When viewId = 0 (or specified view is not found), the first allocated MapView is used, otherwise the MapView with the specified View ID is used.

A new method, PlaySoundLoop has been implemented.
void PlaySoundLoop(string aFileName, bool aSynchronized, int aRepetition);
repetition = 0 means endless

A new method, StopSound has been implemented.
void StopSound();
StopSound tries to stop all sounds immediately. If the sound has been started with aSynchronized=True the playback will not stop until the end of the file has been reached.

Clone, Import, Export

It is now possible to clone, import and export:

  • Icon sets
  • Script sets
  • Filter sets
  • Camera templates
  • Button matrices
  • Screen layout definitions

Copy properties between devices

It is now possible to multi select devices and copy the icon, script and filter sets from one of them to all.

Set priority level for high priority call requests

The value at which Vingtor-Stentofon Operator regarded call requests as high priority was fixed to 140. This can now be set.

Calls in Private and Camp-on Busy

Calls to an operator in private, a busy operator or to a ringing group can now also appear call request queue. This is intended when most stations in a system are master stations.
It is advisable not to mix call requests with private, busy or ringing group calls in the same system.

Predefined database items

Some standard templates are preloaded when a new database is configured. These templates will show up in the respective lists and can be edited as required.

  • Icon sets
  • Script sets
  • Filter sets
  • Camera templates
  • Button matrices
  • Screen layout definitions

Image file in icon set

If the same image is used for all states of an icon in an icon set then it is possible to set that the image as defined for the idle status will be used for those statuses which do not have their own image assigned.

Code import

Code as defined in .avs files and stored in the directory .\scripts can be imported directly into script edit areas. Simply select the function of which you want to import the code after a right click in the script edit area. Some default files are included when the Vingtor-Stentofon Operator client is installed.

Stop sound button

There is a 'Stop sound' button at the right bottom corner of the client GUI. Clicking this will stop sounds being emitted. Especially useful if there is an issue with a script and it is otherwise impossible to stop the sound.

Version (20.11.2017)

Node numbers >=10 handled incorrectly in default scripts

The default scripts are now sending commands correctly to AlphaCom nodes with a node no >=10


Additional logging for SQL access

There was a need to add additional logging during database access

Version (08.09.2017)

Associate up to 4 cameras with an intercom

It is now possible to associate up to 4 cameras with an intercom. When that intercom makes a call request or call, all camera streams will be displayed on the operator screen

Established call pane without video

Three new parameters have been introduced for the Established call pane:

  • Video panel visible: Disable this to not have the video pane inside the established call pane
  • Show video on connection: It is now selectable whether video should be shown automatically on connection; this parameter is mainly applicable on the parameter below
  • Video tile ID: Instead of showing the video inside the Established call pane, it is now possible to show the video on a Tile View, of which the ID must be the one selected here

Show video directly from call request list

Two new parameters have been introduced for the call request list:

  • Show video on active request: It is now selectable whether video should be shown automatically on an incoming call request; this parameter is mainly applicable on the parameter below
  • Video tile ID: Instead of showing the video inside the Selected call request pane, it is now possible to show the video on a Tile View, of which the ID must be the one selected here

This feature will in most cases make the need to use the Selected call request pane obsolete.

Improved touch screen handling

Touching the touch screen was often registered as a mouse click. This made the use of a button in a button matrix as PTT impractical. Touch down/up are now two distinct events, same as mouse down/up already were.

Added a warning when creating a new database

If the Vingtor-Stentofon Operator server does not have the correct rights to access the database which has just been created, Vingtor-Stentofon Operator will not start up properly. As this was a common issue there is now a clear warning message urging to check the rights. Also see this page: VS-Operator Server not starting

Version (15.05.2017)

CAPTION parameter

The CAPTION parameter was not available for the call request and established call buttons in intercom related script sets

Node icon

The Node icon did not get stored correctly in the database if the Node icon was placed on a map

Camera password

Removing the password from a camera device would crash the client

Version (28.02.2017)

Single Click

It is now possible to define ‘Single click’ as ‘Double click’ for clicks on icons in maps. Many operators prefer this when they use a touch screen.

New log

A new log has been introduced where all calls are logged. Administrators can export this information to an Excel spreadsheet. Calls are listed with a start time, end time and duration. This can be used e.g. for billing purposes.

Support for H.264

Vingtor-Stentofon Operator now supports H.264 video

Define Default maps

It is possible to define default maps in mapviews

Enhanced button function

A button in a button matrix can now have different actions on ‘Press’ and ‘Release’. Practically this is ‘Mouse down’ and ‘Mouse up’, meaning that the mouse can be used as Press-To-Talk

Improved GUI in Established Call window

The Established Call Window shows the call duration

Improved GUI in Active Call Request window

The Active Call Request window shows how long the call has been in the queue (previously this was only shown in the call request queue)

More Icon options

It is now possible to change the appearance of an intercom device icon by a custom data message. This will make it possible to indicate other statuses then the predefined idle, call, call request and error statuses. It is now possible to indicate things like Blocked (a prisoner who repeatedly presses the call button can be blocked for some minutes, it is good when this is indicted on a map), Transferred, etc.

Version (27.10.2016)

First release.

Known issues