VSF-Fortitude8 6.4 Release Notes

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This document provides the release notes for VSF-Fortitude8 6.4 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for VSF-Fortitude8 6.4 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after VSF-Fortitude8 6.2.

Release info

Name: VSF-Fortitude8
Description: VSF-Fortitude8 is a firmware for Turbine Video Plus Intercom including the following devices: TCIV-2+, TCIV-3+, TCIV-5+, TCIV-6+, TKIV+ and TMIV-1+

The firmware is delivered in two different files:

  • vsff8-6.4.3.x - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • vsff8-prod-6.4.3.x - Used in production- and recovery upgrades.

Date: 01.12.2022
Status: General Availability


Issues fixed

MTN-3973 It is now possible to downgrade video stations and kits with hardware revision 4 to vsff8-


Issues fixed

MTN-3503 Station in ICX-AlphaCom mode freezes if offline for more than 2 minutes.

If a station in “ICX-AlphaCom mode” loses the communication to the server for more than 2 minutes, the station will freeze and remain offline after the communication to the server is re-established. The "Setup" selection in the display menu is no longer available. To bring the station online one have to either power reboot the station, or log in to the web interface of the station and reboot it from there. A reboot of the server will not bring the station online.

This issue was introduced in VS-IS

MTN-3482 TFTP provisioning does not update conv_time and ring_time

This is fixed, and conv_time and ring_time in the .cfg file is now applied to the devices with TFTP provisioning.


Issues fixed

MTN-3674 "Volume Override Level" can now be set lower than the regular "Speaker Volume"

In previous versions the "Volume Override Level" had be configured with the same or higher level than the regular "Speaker Volume". It is now possible to set the "Volume Override Level" to a lower level than the regular speaker volume.


Issues fixed

MTN-3598 Entering the Group Calls menu in Edge Configuration does no longer crash the device web

Entering the Group Calls menu on some devices in Edge Configuration, crashed the device web. This issue is now fixed.


Issues fixed

MTN-3491 SSH user login fixed


New Features

DRES-43 ONVIF audio backchannel

All devices which support ONVIF, with the exception of TCIV, now support the ONVIF audio backchannel. This enables the ONVIF VMS client to send audio to the Zenitel IP device.

DRES-5 Call statuses reported as DeviceIO in ONVIF

Devices now support reporting the following states as input signals through DeviceIO in ONVIF:

  • In Conversation
  • Ringing (outgoing and incoming)
  • In call queue (ICX-AlphaCom mode only)

This behaviour is disabled by default and needs to be enabled through device web first.


DRES-68 Exigo mode removed from device web

The Exigo mode option is removed from the main setting on device web. If the device is upgraded in Exigo mode, it will still stay in Exigo mode. But it cannot change back to Exigo mode after another mode has been selected and applied on the device web.

Issues fixed

MTN-3475 X-Zenitel-License-Request header is now removed when device is in SIP mode

This header was not necessary in SIP mode and it could cause incompatibilities with some 3rd party SIP systems.

MTN-3433 RTSP option "Microphone after AEC" is now working

RTSP option "Microphone after AEC" has now been fixed to work.

MTN-3423 Tone volume -1 disables tone

On web interface for Tone volume, value -1 would not mute tones as intended, it would play it at -1 dBFS instead. This is now fixed, and value -1 mutes tones.

MTN-3333 GPIO configuration change doesn't cause reboot loop anymore

Fixed issue where changing relay mode configuration in Onvif Device Manager would cause device to go in reboot loop.

Known Issues

SUN-476 HTTP MJPEG stream has color distortions when viewed in LenelS2 OnGuard

HTTP MJPEG stream has color distortions when viewed in LenelS2 OnGuard, recommendation is to use RTSP H.264 for video integration instead.

SUN-349 MJPEG stream shows green image in Avigilon

MJPEG stream shows green image in Avigilon, recommendation is to use H.264 for video integration instead.