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Billing system overview

Billing is part of the AMC software package, just requires a Billing License to be activated.

The application/service is running on the AMC flash and is controlled by AMCD, indirectly connected through the AMCD to the AlphaCom SIP interface.

AMCD and ABSD communicates through the AlphaNet Data Protocol and ACDP messages CDC_STATE and CDC_STATE.

Billing application contains:

  • Billing daemon - ABSD
  • SqLite database
  • Webserver

Main functions:

  • Access Control of Users, Service accountholders and Extensions, accsessing Trunklines on the Alphacom nodes when Billing is enabled (Require License)
  • Logs outgoing calls to SIP with duration and charging rate
  • Multi-setup of Wake-up calls on billing Extensions through web interface
  • Pre-Paid accounts as user account.
  • Invoicing of calls for individual AlphaCom users after use of service
  • Web interface for administration of user accounts, service accounts, users groups, Extensions and generation of invoice/Call Bills.
  • The billing process runs on AMC-IP, and store all log on a SqLite database on the AMC-IP filesystem.
  • Support analog and Digital SIP-based Gateways

Billing version 1.20 supports only analog gateways, and 01.50 supports digital gateways in En-bloc dialing. Billing version 2.04 supports analog and digital gateways in several modes.

Current version: 2.04

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