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This document provides the release notes for AlphaCom 13.1 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for AlphaCom 13.1 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after AlphaCom 12.5.

Software in production: AMC

Note: For each software version the NVRAM version is listed. If the NVRAM version is different, the AlphaCom InterCom configuration will get default configuration, and then you must do a SendAll from AlphaPro to restore the configuration. All AlphaWeb configuration will be kept.



Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.10.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 08.03.2022
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-3519 IPHA Did not Trigger Subevent 231 on Small/Chilly Reset

MTN-3656 Fixed issue with adding additional filter ports

MTN-3571 Fixed issue where billing canceled analog trunk calls


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.9.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 19.11.2021
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2971 Updated JQuery library for security hardening

MTN-3047 Expand SIP trunk to SIP trunk digit limit from 7 to 16 digits

MTN-3297 Expand SIP numbers from 16 digits to 24 digits

MTN-3380 Handle cleanup of group call on speaker station failure

MTN-3392 Corrected ENA-2200AC now ENA license issue

MTN-3396 $ALRM to single station now correctly triggers volume override

MTN-3409 Fixed Issue With truncated station name in SIP header

MTN-3414 Hanging SIP Station in Ringing group After Lost Connection

Fixed issue causing a disconnected SIP station in a ringing group call to hang.


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.8.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 27.05.2021
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-3266 Alphanet SIP Recording Fix

An issue where the recording of ITSV-1 and ITSV-3 stopped due to malformed RTP packages has been resolved.

MTN-3277 Alphanet SIP Recording Issue Fix

An issue where the Recording Client playback would stop unexpectedly have been resolved.


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.7.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2892 Multi Module Group Call Audio Issues

Group call initiated from slave to a group member in master module should now correctly receive audio.

MTN-2964 Delete Log Files in Correct Order

MTN-2968 Removed Shell Injection Vulnerability

MTN-3017 ENA License Issue

ENA should no longer require free IP-Station licenses on the exchange.

MTN-3167 IPHA License Issue on AlphaPro Send Fixed


MTN-3018 Added Multi-Webuser Support to Alphacom and ICX-Alphacom


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.6.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 14.09.2020
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2817 Wrong SIP To:tag

SIP provisional responses now uses the To:tag from dialog.

MTN-2906 IPHA: Standby Configuration Lost on Reset

Issue causing IPHA standby configuration to be lost on reset has been resolved.

MTN-2924 SIP Contact Header on re-INVITE Response

Added contact header to 200 OK re-INVITE response

MTN-2954 SIP Numbers Extended to 32 Characters

SIP dialing can now send 32 characters up from 16


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.5.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 20.04.2020
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2699 MultiConference: MultiTalk Sometimes Locks up ECPIR Panel

MultiTalk will no longer cause lock up.

MTN-2819 An issue causing IPHA to not restore configuration has been fixed


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.4.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 07.01.2020
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2462 $GMS Stops All Ongoing Alarm Messages

Using the $GMS while ongoing several alarm messages, all messages would be terminated.

MTN-2611 SIP Transparent Mode does not work for Turbine Station

The use of DAK 4 during outgoing SIP trunk call to enter transparent mode, only worked for INCA stations. It now also works for Turbine stations with DAK 4

MTN-2616 Incoming SIP call will hang for 60 second if terminated before setup is completed

If SIP INVITE is followed by a SIP CANCEL during initiation of the call towards the InterCom server, the call will not be terminated correctly, fixed.

MTN-2619 Inhibit Use of Some Features from SIP stations

Inhibit use of Program, Conference and Menu Features for SIP stations, to avoid stations accidental entering functions which they are not able to leave.

MTN-2626 IPHA Configuration From AlphaPro

If the Configuration Slave is operational and new configuration is sent from AlphaPro the new configuration is now uploaded without resetting the node.

MTN-2637 Long EDO strings

Sending EDO string of 200 Characters Causes AMC-IP to Restart - fixed

MTN-2652 AlphaWeb Password Issues after Upgrade

After upgrading a system to latest AMC ( where the read/write user is different from default, there are issues with login; fixed

MTN-2685 High Priority Call from AlphaCom to Exigo Does not Work

Exigo integration: Issues with setting up a call with high priority from AlphaCom to Exigo.


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.3.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 22.10.2019
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2271 Conversation Timer Times Out too Early

If the conversation timer is set to max (1 hour 49 minuttes) the system will do timeout after approx 53 minutes. This was due to a fault in the internal timer handler, thus could also affect other long system timers. If high system activity the long timers would timeout even earlier. Fixed.

MTN-2586 Dirno 7632 (feature 92/2) added to Factory Default.

MTN-2591 ReCall Resources Not Released if Initiator Stations Hangs

If the initiator station enter a locked state and the software cleanup timer starts, the cleanup routine did not release the group call and related resources making the further Recall and group call unavailable

MTN-2593 Cannot Record Audio Messages from SoftClient

Audio Message recording from SoftClient is now working.

MTN-2598 ASVP Language Packages do not Work

Fix of issue MTN-2606 also solved ASVP playback.

MTN-2600 Making a Call with High Priority to a SIP Station Fails

Due to implementation of the support of ITSV Open/Private Mode (MTN-2498) an issue with high priority call setup towards standard SIP stations was introduced. Fixed.

MTN-2606 Playback of Alarm Messages Only Plays Once

Playback using feature 819x or event handler AMS/AMG stopped after playing the message once. Fixed


MTN-2263 New Event Handler Macro %busy(phy)

New event handler macro returning busy state of physical number.

MTN-2566 Call Back To Ringing Group Call

When a call is made through DAK (I) or by dialing to a station which is making a ringing group call to 'you', the call will go through even if the calling station has handset lifted or is busy marked in some other way.


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.2.apkg
Description: AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 30.08.2019
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2483 Permanently Storing IP station Type

The IP station type is now available after reset and missing IP station registration.

MTN-2486 Group Call With automatic M-key shows "Wait" in the Display

The "Wait" text is now removed after the gong is finished.

MTN-2550 Silence Call Setup Activate Backlight in Desktop Stations

Using "$CALL" with option flag "W256" starts a silence call but will activate backlight in station. Fixed.

MTN-2564 Customized Ringing Tone Used for High Priority Call Request

Fixed issue with Alarm Call Request using the Customized ringing tone from Ringing Group.


MTN-2498 Control of ITSV Open/Private Mode

Control of forced open/private mode of ITSV is now supported for $CALL/$CONN and the MPC protocol.

Also call setup from stations with High or Alarm priority will force open call.

The ITSV must be configured with: “Auto-Answer mode -> Enable Intercom/Paging”


Release info

Name: alpha-sys_13.1.3.1.apkg
Description: First install the bsp package then install the alpha-sys package
AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 13.1
Date: 22.07.2019
Status: General Availability

Deamon Versions
DSP 01.20
DSPDRV 02.11
FPGA 01.68
RTPD 01.20
SIPD 02.25

New Features

MTN-1342 New event - In Conversation

Added new event type 44, Conversation ongoing. Triggers on both incoming and outgoing calls.

Bug fixes

MTN-508 Event 8, wrong %2.exp and %2.udp when "related to" is not station

Implemented new macro %1.fea / %2.fea that returns feature of refereed number.

%2.exp and %2.udp will no longer return PhyNo values when no "Related-to" station is present.

MTN-1385 Security Issue in dnsmasq

Updatet dnsmasq to v. 2.79

MTN-1409 AlphaWeb Shows OPC License Rejections

Now the OPC license rejections will not be counted if no OPC server connected.

MTN-1412 Fixed an issue where IP-station upgrade caused AlphaWeb to be unresponsive

Some situation could lead to AlphaWeb failure during the IP station upgrade process.

MTN-1726 $DIAL_DAK Activates M-key in Group Call

Exigo functionality of using DAK keys as M-key was by mistake activated for InterCom. Fixed

MTN-1774 The Event Handler now allows line comments by prefixing the line with an exclamation mark

Any line in the event handler starting with ! will now not be executed.

MTN-1782 Fixed an issue with adding DNS servers when eth1 was set to DHCP

It is now possible add DNS server when eth1 using DHCP.

MTN-1811 SIP Trunks Stops Working if Maximum Number of AlphaNet links Configured

Fixed issue of failed SIP trunks if the limit of AlphaNet trunks is configured.

MTN-1820 Not possible to put both Ethernet ports in DHCP mode

It is now possible to set both interfaces in DHCP mode simultaneously

MTN-1874 Issues with Codec Selection of Group Call

Dependent on the setup scenario the codec selection configured for group call was not always used. Fixed.

MTN-1897 AlphaCom root certificate expired

New root certificate automatically generated when the old one expires

MTN-1898 The IP station Display Text Overwritten by the Clock

In some situations the clock update will overwrite the current display text. Fixed

  • SX conference initiated using the $CONF message
  • Call request queue of in CRM station mode, The number of messages is overwritten by the clock text

MTN-1960 IP station is Able to Register even Though AlphaCom Requires Specific MAC

If a "user" is changed from "register as dino" to "register with MAC", the previous station used on the user was able to register even if the MAC is different. Fixed.

MTN-1980 Hanging VOIP Resources after Recording On Demand

When an IP station makes a call to a RingMaster station (or answers a call request from the same) AND there is a recording on demand command, there will be an unreleased VOIP resource after the conversation. This means that after conversation number 64, no IP station or AlphaNet calls will work. Fixed

MTN-2000 AlphaSys failed to re-start SNMPD

SNMPD will now re-spawn if killed or crashed

MTN-2001 Private and Busy Override From SIP Station not Working

It is now added a station flag to select if the SIP station should receive 200 OK instead of 180 RINGING/182 QUEUED when calling a private/busy station.

MTN-2014 SIP Phone Don't Get Busy Tone When Calling a Busy Station

AlphaCom now add SDP to the 182 queued message. MTN-2001 can also be used to select 200 OK signaling.

MTN-2016 AlphaWeb - improper authentication in /cmd/

Updated authentication scheme for /cmd/ directory.

MTN-2043 Selectable Voice Message on Call Request Mode

Distinguishing between a message on initial call and a different message when the call is put on hold again is a government requirement. To solve this a voice message parameter is added to the current $SEND_MAIL message.

MTN-2046 Simultaneous Station Down and Call Setup Locks IP/SIP Station

AlphaCom station state enters a dead lock if station is reported down while setting up voip audio to the station. Fixed

MTN-2077 SIP Trunk Monitoring Inhibits SIP Calls

If configuring a number of monitored SIP trunks, and more than two of the SIP trunks are missing. The monitoring sessions could fill up the SIP call-session table, thus inhibit outgoing/incoming SIP calls.

MTN-2094 $SEND_MAIL with Source Global Number not Deleted

It is now possible to use global number as $SM source station

MTN-2119 Issues Related to Exigo Integration

Simultaneous termination of multiple Exigo calls, could result in reset of AlphaCom.

MTN-2139 Daemon Monitoring Generate Superfluous Syslog Messages

Removed logging every 5.12 sec. Now only logs on new attempt, every 40 sec.

MTN-2156 Incoming SIP Calls will now be correctly parsed

Sometimes the source nummer of an incoming SIP call would add a digit

MTN-2206 Recording of conversation from ITSV not working

Move "200 OK" reply to before connection tone.

MTN-2232 ENA in AlphaCom mode, Conflicting RTP port Usage

The default RTP start UDP ports used for program distribution is now moved from 61004 to 61022. This will avoid conflicting RTP ports for ENA audio input and outputs.

MTN-2251 UTF-8 Support for TFIE-6

National characters are now displayed correctly on the TFIE-6

MTN-2254 Long SIP Display Names

Long display name received in SIP INVITE would inhibit the session to proceed.

MTN-2277 Issues with Registration of Some SIP Clients

Some SIP clients (X-lite), does a fast transition of register, un-register then register. This will result in SIP station status in AlphaCom as "SIP station Down". Fixed.

MTN-2377 Lower Line Volume After AlphaSys Upgrade

Implementation of configurable line volume in used a lower default value in AlphaSys than in the IP stations, thus after upgrade to the line volume in the IP stations was lower. The default value of line volume is now equal in AlphaSys and IP stations.

MTN-2390 Issues with Connecting AlphaPro after AlphaSys Upgrade

Small reset required to enable AlphaPro connection, fixed

MTN-2480 Customized Ringing Tone on Ringing Group Works Only for First Call in Queue

Fixed an issue resulting in no ringing audio when using customized ringing tone for the ringing group feature.


MTN-28 Made IP station upgrade menu more user friendly

It is now possible to sort the IP station list on colon info. The IP station list is also filtered according to upgrade of Turbine/INCA software.

MTN-219 AlphaWeb now shows type of STIC in node information

AlphaWeb inform about STIC type XE1/7 or XE20/26

MTN-284 AlphaWeb no longer allows Read and Read/Write user to have the same username

MTN-1261 AMC-IP DHCP server lease list

A list of DHCP leases are now maintained in the AlphaWeb DHCP tab

MTN-1268 Static Configuration of Audio Multicast Port/Address

Setting static multicast address/port can be done using parameter 3 of feature Program(5), Global Group Call (84) and Local Group Call (3).

Example: Default IP setting node 1 with static mcast offset configured to 50 (param3 = 50 for group call "84"):
IP address:
IP port: 61102 (Group call default port 61002 + (2 * 50))

MTN-1275 Added dirnos for feature program source 118 in Autoload

Autoload: 6801 - 118/1 - Source P1 -> 6812 - 118/12 - Source P12

MTN-1330 The NTP server configuration in AlphaWeb now gives more informative feedback

MTN-1334 Node statistics should be available in AlphaWeb

Information on maximum number of lines in use are now accessible in AlphaWeb Audio Statistics

MTN-1447 AlphaWeb now redirects to the last page used after refreshing

MTN-1771 Expanded the Functionality of Flag: "Idle DAK during conv. cancel ongoing call"

If pressing he same DAK twice, cancel ongoing call. Auto_Cancel

MTN-1810 Number of AlphaNet Links Increased to 100

The previous limit of 50 nodes is now increased to 100

MTN-1826 Synchronize Logical RCO State During IP Station Registration

On previous AlphaSys versions, the RCOs where only synchronized when in ON state during registration. In a situation where a Turbine stations was off line during a OFF event, the station will keep the RCO in ON state until next transition. Now both ON and OFF states of logical RCO are sent to the station during registration.

MTN-1981 Unauthenticated file access via AlphaWeb

System file access has become stricter

MTN-1983 Better security for AlphaWeb authentication

User password requirements are now stricter, a minimum password length of 6 character are enforced. Creating a "weak" password will trigger a warning. Excessive failed login attempts will cause a timeout.

MTN-1990 Cross Site Request Forgery in AlphaWeb

Implemented a CSRF token strategy in AlphaWeb

MTN-1995 Improper authentication in BillingWeb backup

Denied external access to BillingWeb backup

MTN-2004 New Parameters for $GROUP_MEMBERSHIP

  • Adding/removing groups of stations from group
  • Empty a group for all members

MTN-2031 Extraneous or unused software in production

Billing now gives correct and informative error message if not configured.

MTN-2061 Disabled HTTP OPTION method

MTN-2083 New Station Flag, Force Transcoding

New station flag forcing transcoding of audio during conversation. This to avoid change of rtp stream toward station when changing from tone to voice.

MTN-2084 Number of Event Strings

The number of Event Strings increased from 2000 to 4000.

MTN-2214 Configurable Timeout on INVITE Sent to Recorder

Additional timeout in seconds:

.ex_profile.timeouts.rec_invite_timeout = 0, 

MTN-2518 AlphaWeb Script Upload Removed

Custom scripts must now be uploaded via SCP using the scripter user and password.

NCP-264 Support for TKIE-3 in AlphaCom

Mapping of station inputs 1-6 to DAK keys 11-16.

NCP-296 SX Conference Tables Increased from 50 to 100

It is now possible to configure 100 SX conferences.