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This article provides the release notes for ICX-500 and ICX-Core software 1.0.3.x with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for ICX 1.0 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after the initial release.


General information

VSF-ICX-500 is a firmware archive for the ICX-500 Intelligent Gateway platform.

  • vsfx-1.0.3.x{-n}.swu - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • vsfx-prod-1.0.3.x{n} - Used in-field recovery and major system upgrades (SD-Card update)
  • vsfx-prod-1.0.3.x{n}.zip - Used in production upgrade only.
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  • The first 4 numbers in version directly links to the the ICX-Core version.
  • The last optional "-n" number is added for vsfx build with only platform changes form the first ICX-Core build for vsfx.''

ICX-Core software is an "apt" installation package for Ubuntu 18.04.x LTS Server containing the same functional capabilities as the ICX-500 Intelligent Gateway platform.

  • ICX-Core-01.00-bionic-1.0.3.X.apt.tar - Used for installation from the Ubuntu shell or from ICX-Web on already running ICX-Core systems.

Software Upgrade information

ICX-500: Upload and install SWU file from web menu System Maintenance > System Upgrade. For detailed procedure, see ICX-500 software upgrade


  • First time installation from a Ubuntu shell:
sudo tar -xf ICX-Core-01.00-bionic- --to-command /bin/sh

For more details, see: ICX-AlphaCom Core - Installation
  • Already running system: SWU file uploaded and installed from menu System Maintenance > System Upgrade on the ICX-Web.


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 06.12.2019
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

ICXEL-13 Fixed Issues With the Firewall of ICX-500

Not all ports were closed correctly in the firewall in version

MTN-2616 Incoming SIP call will hang for 60 second if terminated before setup is completed

If SIP INVITE is followed by a SIP CANCEL during initiation of the call towards the InterCom server, the call will not be terminated correctly, fixed.

MTN-2619 Inhibit Use of Some Features from SIP stations

Inhibit use of Program, Conference and Menu Features for SIP stations, to avoid stations accidental entering functions not able to leave.

MTN-2621 ASVP Package Handling

The ICX-web ASVP package handing is now improved with delete of package and upload status.

MTN-2626 IPHA Configuration From AlphaPro

If the Configuration Slave is operational and new configuration is sent from AlphaPro the new configuration is now uploaded without resetting the node.

MTN-2647 Billing Web Failed After Installing License

A license check from AMC IP was inhibit the Billing system to work.

MTN-2649 Group Audio missing in INCAs after some time (

If using Mixer Stations on the ICX in combination with Multicast the group call audio can move out of firewall range of the INCA station.

MTN-2655 ICX in IPHA using Multicast Audio

Audio only on point to point call. All group audio (program, SX conf, group call) is missing. In unicast: SX conf audio missing. (

Security Fixes and Improvements

ICXEL-14 ICX500: Raised snmp log level to LOG_ERR, stopping snmpd from logging every SNMP message received.

MTN-2633 Number of ODX members increased from 16 to 64


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 22.10.2019
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2271 Conversation Timer Times Out too Early

If the conversation timer is set to max (1 hour 49 minuttes) the system will do timeout after approx 53 minutes. This was due to a fault in the internal timer handler, thus could also affect other long system timers. If high system activity the long timers would timeout even earlier. Fixed.

MTN-2581 Cannot Set NTP Server

Sometimes it was not possible to set the IP address of the ntp server, fixed.

MTN-2583 "789" Station Information did not show correct Ethernet and Mac information


MTN-2586 Dirno 7632 (feature 92/2) added to Factory Default

MTN-2590 Recall Rejected

The Recall feature was rejected although Audio Messaging license is present, fixed

MTN-2591 ReCall Resources Not Released if Initiator Stations Hangs

If the initiator station enter a locked state and the software cleanup timer starts, the cleanup routine did not release the group call and related resources making the further Recall and group call unavailable

MTN-2593 Cannot Record Audio Messages from SoftClient

Audio Message recording from SoftClient is now working.

MTN-2608 Syslog Uses UTC Instead of Local Time in Log Strings

Syslog now uses local time.

MTN-2613 Recording of Group Call and Conferences Using Trans-coding

For Group Call and Conferences the correct codec was not used when setting up audio to the recorder, if recorder used different codec than the conference.

NCP-519 Billing Now Supported

Issues with Access rights to the billing configuration is now fixed.

NCP-527 Backup and Restore of Configuration from ICX-Web

The issue in of backup and restore of configuration from ICX-Web is now fixed.

MTN-2611 SIP Transparent Mode does not work for Turbine Station

The use of DAK 4 during outgoing SIP trunk call to enter transparent mode, only worked for INCA stations. It now also works for Turbine stations with DAK 4

Security Fixes and Improvements

MTN-2263 New Event Handler Macro %busy(phy)

New event handler macro returning busy state of physical number.

MTN-2566 Call Back To Ringing Group Call

When a call is made through DAK (I) or by dialing to a station which is making a ringing group call to 'you', the call will go through even if the calling station has handset lifted or is busy marked in some other way.

MTN-2589 Uploading Language Package is moved from System Upgrade to Messaging

MTN-2612 IPHA Configuration Master Selected Based on License

NCP-515 Network Configuration Ubuntu ICX-Web

From the ICX-Web it is now possible to configure IP address, Firewall and Route.


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 30.08.2019
Status: General Availability

Known issues

MTN-2574 "785" set time does not work