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This article provides the release notes for ICX-500 and ICX-Core software 1.1.3.x with incremental bug fix releases.The release notes for ICX 1.1 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after ICX 1.0.


General information

VSF-ICX-500 is a firmware archive for the ICX-500 Intelligent Gateway platform.

  • vsfx-1.1.3.x{-n}.swu - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • vsfx-prod-1.1.3.x{n} - Used in-field recovery and major system upgrades (SD-Card update)
  • vsfx-prod-1.1.3.x{n}.zip - Used in production upgrade only.
Note icon
  • The first 4 numbers in version directly links to the the ICX-Core version.
  • The last optional "-n" number is added for vsfx build with only platform changes form the first ICX-Core build for vsfx.''

ICX-Core software is an "apt" installation package for Ubuntu 18.04.x LTS Server containing the same functional capabilities as the ICX-500 Intelligent Gateway platform.

  • ICX-Core-01.00-bionic-1.1.3.X.apt.tar - Used for installation from the Ubuntu shell or from ICX-Web on already running ICX-Core systems.

Software Upgrade information

ICX-500: Upload and install SWU file from web menu System Maintenance > System Upgrade. For detailed procedure, see ICX-500 software upgrade


  • First time installation from a Ubuntu shell:
sudo tar -xf ICX-Core-01.00-bionic- --to-command /bin/sh

For more details, see: ICX-AlphaCom Core - Installation
  • Already running system: SWU file uploaded and installed from menu System Maintenance > System Upgrade on the ICX-Web.


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 01.06.2021
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-3257 IPHA: Event 27/231

The event should now be reported correctly when the secondary server goes down.

MTN-3261 ICX-Core: Fixed an Issue With the NTPd Running on the VM Solution

MTN-3266 Alphanet SIP Recording Fix

An issue where the recording of ITSV-1 and ITSV-3 stopped due to malformed RTP packages has been resolved.

MTN-3268 ICX: Pager Issue Fixed

MTN-3277 Alphanet SIP Recording Issue Fix

An issue where the Recording Client playback would stop unexpectedly have been resolved.

Security fixes and improvements

MTN-3338 Removed Support for TLSv 1.1 and Lower


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 01.03.2021
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-3211 Fixed SIP Header Issue to recorder

Security fixes and improvements

MTN-3018 Added Multi-Webuser Support to Alphacom and ICX-Alphacom


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: ----
Status: Limited Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2675 Node Name not Updated

The "Node name" should now be updated according to the name configured in AlphaPro

MTN-2967 ENA License Requires Station License

An issue causing ENA to wrongly require IP-station licenses has been corrected.

MTN-2968 Removed Shell Injection Vulnerability

MTN-2974 ICX: Changes of the SNMP Configuration not Taking Effect.

MTN-3015 ICX: 802.1X Issue Connecting to Cisco ISE

MTN-3016 API/OPC License Missing on License Page

MTN-3017 ENA License Issue

ENA should no longer require free IP-Station licenses on the exchange.

MTN-3032 Web Login Issue

A security patch sometimes caused web login to be unavailable, should now be fixed.

MTN-3035 ICX SIP Group Call Issue Causing Reset Fixed

MTN-3046 ICX: Delete ASVP Issue

Deleting ASVP packages without a license should now be possible.

MTN-3054 ICX: Error Uploading WAV Files fixed

MTN-3055 ICX: Inconsistent Password Behavior in Alphaweb

Passwords contain the $ character caused issues as the character was stripped.

Security fixes and improvements

MTN-2961 ICX-AlphaCom Core Install Gateway and DNS

MTN-3033 ACDP Get MAC Address Support

MTN-3049 ICX Added Support for Stunnel

Manual configuration still required


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 01.10.2020
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-3004 ICX-AlphaCom Core installer broken dependencies

Resolved an installation issue in ICX-Core. The installer package had some broken dependencies surrounding vs-zap packages and could not be installed.

There are no functional changes in this release.


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 14.09.2020
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

MTN-2817 Wrong SIP To:tag

SIP provisional responses now uses the To:tag from dialog.

MTN-2842 ICX500 Log to email and SNMP Trap issue resolved

MTN-2859 Script User Login Denied

Resolved an issue causing the script user to be unable to log in to the web pages

MTN-2882 ICX500: NTP server issue

NTP server issue has been resolved and port added to filter settings

MTN-2899 Recording Issue

Resolved an issue that caused loss of audio in recording

MTN-2922 Time Zone Lost on Reboot

Time zones should now persist on reboot

MTN-2924 SIP Contact Header on re-INVITE Response

Added contact header to 200 OK re-INVITE response

MTN-2954 SIP Numbers Extended to 32 Characters

SIP dialing can now send 32 characters up from 16

MTN-2975 Web User Defaults After Upgrade

Resolved an issue that caused the web users to factory default after upgrade

MTN-2976 $REC Record on Demand

Resolved an issue that caused $REC command to be unable to restart recording after a stop


Release info

Name: VSF-ICX-500 and ICX-Core
ICX Version:
Date: 21.04.2020
Status: General Availability

Bug fixes

ICXEL-10 ICX-500 Log Build-up

Due to /etc/machine-id not kept after SW upgrade, the systemd journal was stored to a new folder after each SW upgrade. The old journal files was never cleaned up. Resolution: We make sure to copy the old machine-id to new SW image, so we continue to log to same journal. We also clean away old orphaned journal files.

MTN-2516 Owner of Event 40/10

The owner of event 40/10 is now the correct station.

MTN-2574 Set Time from Station Using "785" does not Work.

The set time from station using "785" is now working

MTN-2668 SD-Card and USB Auto-discover

SD-Card and USB is now auto-discovered, and a reboot is no longer required.

MTN-2675 Node Name not Updated

The "Node name" should now be updated according to the name configured in AlphaPro

MTN-2685 High Priority Call from AlphaCom to Exigo Does not Work

Exigo integration: Issues with setting up a call with high priority from AlphaCom to Exigo.

MTN-2697 ICX-Core: Not possible to upload prerecorded messages

Not possible to upload prerecorded messages, as the "Messaging" form was missing in the web interface. Fixed

MTN-2699 MultiConference: MultiTalk Sometimes Locks up ECPIR Panel

MultiTalk will no longer cause lock up.

MTN-2711 Web Upgrade Unavailable

Fixed a bug where web pages on ICX500 believed it was a ICX-Core system after running for 10 days.

MTN-2745 Inconsistent State After Coldboot

Fixed an issue where configuration was not synced to flash after coldboot and power off. In addition fixed an issue where the web server failed to start due to slow certificate generation at boot.

MTN-2779 ICX-Core sets static IP on install

Fixed an issue where static IP was set on a VM after installation even if the interface was previously set to DHCP. In addition the interfaces will be checked/updated on boot for dynamic handling.

MTN-2798 ICX-500 SW update sometimes fails

An issue that sometimes caused the upgrade process to fail has been fixed.

MTN-2809 ICX IPHA license issue

IPHA license for ICX sometimes caused both exchanges to be set as slave.

MTN-2822 AlphaPro Reset Function

AlphaPro reset function should now work also for ICX.

Security Fixes and Improvements

ICXEL-15 ICX Build Version

ICX build version is displayed in AlphaWeb initial info page, along with ICXCORE version.

ICXEL-19 Implemented 802.1X authentication

ICXEL-20 Multiplexing API Port 61112 and 61113

API/OPC ports 61112 and 61113 now accept multiple connections. Note that all ICX-AlphaCom nodes in an AlphaNet need to be upgraded to or higher when using port 61112 and/or 61113. If this upgrade is not done on all nodes, broadcast messages from remote nodes will not be transmitted.

ICXEL-21 API/OPC licenses will now also enable interfaces

MTN-700 Simultaneous Recording

The recording system now initiate the recording session to recorder 1 and recorder 2 simultaneously, if configured.

MTN-1325 Event Report for Recorder Status

Recorder registration ON/OFF will be reported as Recorder Event (40) , sub event 20 and 21 for Recorder 1 and 2

MTN-2037 IPHA Over TLS on Port 443

IPHA can now be run with TLS on port 443. The option can be found on the IPHA web configuration settings page.

MTN-2682 AlphaPro now suports TLS

Port 443 with TLS can now be used for AlphaPro

MTN-2788 Fixed remote code execution vulnerability

MTN-2789 Improved password storage security

MTN-2791 Fixed XSS vulnerability

MTN-2792 Fixed information disclosure vulnerability

MTN-2793 Fixed escalated user privileges vulnerability

NCP-528 Credentials Preserved after Upgrade

SSH keys and SSL certificate for HTTPS is now preserved after SW upgrade

Known issues

Downgrade from to

Due to security upgrades, downgrading to versions 1.0.3.X will invalidate web user login. This will require a factory restore, or password restore.