Private Ringing, Customized ringing tone

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Intercom stations can have customized private ringing tones, both when called directly by their intercom number, and when called using the Ringing Group Feature. A wav file with the wanted ringing tone must be uploaded to the ICX-AlphaCom or AlphaCom XE via the web interface.

Customized ringing tones works for IP stations as well as for analog stations.

Software and license requirement

AlphaCom XE


AlphaPro Configuration

Individual calls

From the Users & Stations menu, "Station Type" tab, select private ringing file to use for the selected station.

AlphaPro Users & Stations configuration

Ringing Group calls

Each group used for "Ringing group" can be associated with a wav file in the same manner as for stations.

Selecting ringing tone

Starting a ringing group mail will follow the rule

  1. Check if "UK style" ringing configured. > start "UK style" ringing
  2. Check if wav file is associated with the ringing group, > Start wav file
  3. Check If group configured for using wav file associated to the station. -> Start Wav file
  4. No match above, use standard ringing tone

Upload of Custom Private Ringing Tones

The AlphaCom Messaging functionality is used for this service. One can upload up to 10 wav files to use for custom Private Ringing Tones.

The audio file must be on wav format, 16kHz samplerate, 16 bit resolution, mono.

In AlphaWeb, go to System Configuration > Messaging, and select:

  • Message Group = 30 (Announcement message), and
  • Group Index: 80 to 89.
Example of two wav files uploaded

Message mapping - Direct calls

Message mapping

Message mapping - Ringing Group calls

Message mapping

Additional information

  • ICX-AlphaCom is capable of simultaneously playback of 8 different wav files. If this limit is reached, standard ringing tone will be used.
  • If other activities requires message playback and there are no available resources, the resources used for Ringing Tone will be snatched and stations will return to standard ringing tone pattern.
  • The system for customized ringing tone uses the internal "messaging" system, "Alarm message to group".