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State test of station private/open mode. "Always Open" flag was added in AMC software 12.3.x.x

When calls are made to a station in Private mode, the station will be ringing like a telephone, and the called user has to accept the call by pressing the M-key or lift the handset.

Private mode can be set:

  • By selecting "Private" mode on the station. Most station types has a switch or a jumper on the circuit board to set the station in Private mode. On IP stations the C-button must be pressed for 3 seconds.
  • By enabling the Programable Open/Private in AlphaPro, then dial 7887 to set the station in Private mode.
  • By setting the "Always Private" flag in AlphaPro

Note: When using the feature Programable Open/Private, the current state (private or open) is stored in state data, thus will be removed during "chilly reset".

On IP stations the private mode is toggled by holding the C-key pressed in idle. Controlling private/open by C-key is disabled if:

  • The IP station is of hardware type without display, (I.e. no keyboard)
  • "Always Private" flag is set
  • "Always Open" flag is set

The use of C-key on IP station will simultaneously set both the state of "current programmed private mode" and "state of hardware switch".

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