Upgrade from Pulse to IC-EDGE

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This article describes how to upgrade from a Pulse system to an IC-EDGE System.

Firmware versions

Whether a device is operating in Pulse mode or in IC-EDGE mode, depends on the firmware version on the device.

Firmware for Pulse:

Firmware for IC-EDGE System:

Note icon You cannot mix devices running Pulse and Edge firmware in the same system


  • In an IC-EDGE System, INCA stations cannot be used as the IC-EDGE Controller. The IC-EDGE Controller must be a Turbine device. If the current Pulse Server is an INCA station, you must select a different device (Turbine) as the IC-EDGE Controller.
  • TCIV video intercoms should not be used as the IC-EDGE Controller for systems exceeding 4 devices.
  • VS-IMT can be used for station discovery and upgrade, but should not be used to configure IC-EDGE.


Pulse licenses will be honored in an IC-EDGE System. When upgrading a Pulse Server to version 5.x, any licenses installed on the original Pulse Server will still be valid.
More information regarding licensing in IC-EDGE can be found here.

Upgrading the system

Upgrade all stations and devices with firmware for IC-EDGE.

Edge Configuration

Detailed information on how to configure IC-EDGE can be found here.