VSIS-4.7 Release

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New firmware and Application Software (September 2017)

VSIS is an intercom solution software product package. The package includes:

  • Turbine firmware: Updated firmware for Turbine generation of intercom devices: TCIS-x, TKIS-2, TMIS-x, TFIE-x, TKIE-x, TFIX-x, TCIV-x, ECPIR-3P and Exigo IP speakers.
  • INCA firmware: Updated firmware for all INCA SoC based Intercom stations including devices: IP Desktop Master Station, IP Substation, IP Vandal Resistant Station and IP Dual Display Station.
  • SDK for Pulse: Updated SDK for Pulse system.
  • VS-IMT: Updated Intercom Management Tool PC application.
  • VS-Client: Updated VS-Client
  • ITSV-1: Firmware for the new ITSV-1 touch video phone

Major new features

  • New SIP and Pulse Licensing
    All functions for stations in SIP mode are now free of licensing costs. Pulse licensing is greatly simplified, including the removal of all client licenses.
  • Pulse system
    Added support for up to 64 Vingtor-Stentofon stations and multiple LAN segment support within a single system. Group Call is enhanced with Answer (meet me) function. Group Call is also improved to support 3rd party SIP phones. We worked on better integration with iPBX systems, including Asterisk and our own AlphaCom XE.
  • SIP and Pulse IP-PA functions
    New Turbine Audio messages function that can play recorded message on specific call or I/O event. We have extended our DAK capabilities for more efficient IP-PA announcements.
  • ECPIR-3P Pulse and SIP support
    ECPIR-3P with EBMDR-8 can now be used as a Pulse Master station with some advanced call handling capabilities. Station is also fully supported in SIP mode.
  • New TFIE-6 industrial display station
    Implemented software support for new TFIE-6 industrial display IP station with a menu navigation, address book and DAK keys. Support for AlphaCom, Pulse and SIP.
  • New ITSV-1 video touch phone
    Implemented software support for new ITSV-1 video touch station. Device is recognized as a Vingtor-Stentofon station in Pulse system. Pulse Group call w/ Answer (meet me) function is supported. TCIV H.264 video call in both Pulse and SIP mode are supported, MJPG for AlphaCom mode.
  • Turbine Compact Video
    Implemented TCIV improvements for image performance for very low-light environment conditions. Added a new 960p resolution for H.264 with a 4:3 full frame scale. Optimizations done for call and stream delay - for both H.264 and MJPG.
  • Audio
    Enhancement done for Automatic Volume Control so it is more self-regulating and more efficient in very noisy environments. Introduced function Digital Audio Squelch on Far-End audio, for noise suppression on the speaker - if signal energy is below a configurable threshold level. Line-out stream can now be configured with mic signal before or after the Acoustic Echo Canceller. External feed of audio can now be controlled with input action.
  • Networking and Security
    Added mass configuration of 802.1x settings from VS-IMT. Added functionality in the VS-IMT to handle VLAN network settings for multiple INCA stations at once. Enabled Advanced network settings (802.1x, SNMP, Firewall) on the StationWeb and VS-IMT, for IP stations in Pulse mode. IP stations now support using SNMP Informs for integration with network management systems. New SIP headers are supported: Listen-In call activation, Call priority control, Volume control (per call), Auto-answer (per call). Virtual I/O and scripting capabilities are now extended with additional events and scripting functions. It is now possible to control relays from Web Call interface. We introduced support for Secure SIP – SIP TLS and SRTP. A new solution with TCIA-2 and TKIA-2 brings true physical secure isolation for environments where secure communication must never be compromised.
  • Turbine IP Stations
    Turbine Address book can now be directly edited on StationWeb or as part of mass-configuration from VS-IMT. Ring list can now be activated from Address book. TCIx-6 IP stations now have default call destination option. Ring list configuration is expanded with more entries and individual timeout option. We added new PTT functions and DAK is now extended with more functions: Open Group call, Forwarding, Conversation mode control, Volume control, Call transfer, Hold call, PTT, Call stand-by, and other. Inputs As Key Matrix function can be used when the user needs more buttons/relays than possible with number of available GPIOs – can be used as a keyboard matrix to add more DAKs.
  • INCA IP Stations
    Ringing tones volume and frequency customization is now supported. Ring list configuration is expanded with more entries and individual timeout option.
  • VS-Client
    Pulse Group call is now supported in VS-Client with recall and replay functions. Windows 10 support added.
  • VS-IMT
    We completely redesigned configuration tools inside VS-IMT so it is now possible to configure multiple stations at once with a common set of settings from both Wizard and Main window (with multi-select). File upload and download is also supported (audio messaging files, address book, SNMP configuration, etc.). VS-IMT Profile management is completely redesigned and greatly simplified. Added functionality to detect IP stations that did not successfully finish firmware upgrade process. VS-IMT can now be used for upgrades with Exigo firmware images.

TFIE-6 - New Industrial Station (September 2017)

ITSV-1 - IP Video Intercom (September 2017)

OPC v. (September 2017)

New version with some bug fixes. See Release Notes for details: OPC_Server_-_Release_Notes

AlphaCom software version (May 2017)

Some of the major new functionality included in 12.3.x.x is:

  • New Multi-Conference feature, allowing a station to listen to multiple simplex conferences in a mix
  • Support for Audio Program distribution in AlphaCom XE1

For a complete list of bug fixes and functional changes and enhancements, see AMC-IP Release Notes
How to upgrade: AMC-IP software upgrade procedure

AlphaPro version (May 2017)

New features (since

  • Added Portuguese Autoload
  • Added more fields to the CSV file import function
  • SX conference flag: ON = Report current speaker to SysLog statistics. OFF = no statistics. Default OFF
  • Station Flags: ON = Avoid increasing volume for Tone test (Station/user->Line monitoring menu)
  • System flag: Recording on demand (System-> Recording)
  • Event Handler Events:
    • 39 - Additional call info
    • 40 - Recording Event
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • NOTE: When installed for the first time, the Sentinel dongle driver must be installed separately. It is located in the \SentinelSystemDriver folder inside your AlphaPro installation directory.

For a complete list of bug fixes and functional changes and enhancements, see AlphaPro release notes