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The IP-LCM module is an expansion to the TKIS-2, and adds high power relays and robust control inputs to the kit without extra wiring.

DIN-rail mounting allows for a flexible I/O device that reduces the amount of wiring for I/O inside racks and other systems.

IP-LCM v1.1.png
IP Line Connection Module (1008095201)

The large robust connectors allow for connections to external cabling without adding extra terminals and have been especially chosen to enable quick and easy connection of such systems.

  • 8 relay outputs
  • 8 control inputs
  • Robust push-in connectors for cables up to 1.5 mm2 / 16 AWG
  • Device powered via the TKIS-2 kit using PoE or local power
  • All TKIS-2 features are available, including:
    • 1 relay
    • 6 inputs
    • 0dB Line Out
  • As from HW version 1.1 there is also 0dB Line In available.

In general Zenitel offers a number of IP based kits, which can be used for a wide range of applications. See the kit comparison chart.

License Requirements

Even if only the I/O part of the IP-LCM is used a license is required.

IP-LCM hardware versions

There are two hardware versions, mainly differentiated by Line IN support on v1.1:

  • 1008131020.0200 - This version can be visually identified by:
    • The TKIS-2 kit assembled with the text in same orientation as circuit board text
    • Zenitel logo with V1.1 print
    • Line-in connector - J104
    • Item number ending with .0200
  • 1008131020.0101

Getting started


General configuration:

Device specific configuration for the IP-LCM:

Restore Factory Defaults and Software Upgrade

Connectors, Indicators and Dimensions

Software Requirements

The IP-LCM is fully supported from device version 4.11.x.x

When used in AlphaCom mode, this device is fully supported as from AlphaCom version

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