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CoS settings are programmed from AlphaPro

A Class of Service (COS) defines a set of features available for stations. Every station can be assigned one out of 16 Class of Services. There are three predefined Class of Services:

  • COS 1: Includes a selection of features intended for regular users
  • COS 15: Includes less features than COS 1, intended for telephone interfaces (PNCI and SIP trunk)
  • COS 16: Includes all features (SuperUser)

After autoload physical number 1 is assosiated to COS 16. All other stations are assosiated to COS 1.

The content of each Class of Service is programmed from the Class of Service window in AlphaPro. The stations are assigned a Class of Service in the Users & Stations window.

Access to individual Directory number can be programmed by associating the Directory number with a group of station to have access / not access to the number. See Directory & Features (AlphaPro).

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