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The Turbine Compact series intercom stations and the TKIS-2 VoIP module have 6 I/O's which when set as outputs can be used together with the conventional Multi Relay Board (MRBD) to give up to 6 additional relay contacts.

All 6 relays on the MRBD are double pole, double throw (DPDT) contacts.


  • Hardware: The Turbine station must be produced week 37 of 2012 or later.
  • Software: The Turbine Station must have sw version TCIS- or newer.

MRBD Configuration

The MRBD has 6 jumpers (S1-S6) which allows to set the relays individually to be used with AlphaCom system (active "high" signal) or the older TouchLine system (active "low" signal). Default the MRBD comes with the jumpers set for AlphaCom mode.

When a relay is used with Turbine, the associated jumper must be set to "TouchLine"

MRBD Jumper Settings: Set to "TouchLine" when used with Turbine stations

See MRBD - Relay Board for more details on the Multi Relay Board.


The MRBD is powered by 24VDC. This power can be retrieved from AlphaCom Audio Servers XE7, XE20 and XE26 (the latter with additional PDB Board).

  • Connect the 0V from the Turbine Compact to the GND on the MRBD
  • Connect the I/O('s) from the Turbine Compact to the Input(s) on the MRBD
Turbine - MRBD connection diagram

See TCIS Connections for more details on Turbine Compact connections.

Warning icon
  • It is recommended to power the TKIS from the same 24VDC power supply as used for the MRBD board.
  • The reason is that if the TKIS is powered by PoE, all relays will be activated if the PoE power disappears while the MRBD is still powered from the 24VDC power supply

Turbine Web configuration

The Turbine station must be configured to register to the AlphaCom in the standard way. In addition the I/O's used with the MRBD must be set to Outputs.

Log on to the Turbine station and navigate to Advanced AlphaCom -> I/O Settings.

Set the I/O('s) that are connected to the MRBD as Output.

In the Turbine web interface, set the required I/O's as outputs

See Turbine Configuration for more details on configuring the Turbine Compact.

AlphaPro configuration

The Turbine Compact station (or TKIS-2 Kit) must be defined in AlphaPro as a CCoIP station.


RCO mapping

The outputs of the Turbine station must be mapped to logical RCO's in the AlphaCom. In Exchange & System -> RCO select a free RCO and press change.

  • RCO Type: Change to Station.
  • Station: Enter the physical number of the Turbine Compact
  • Pin Number: Enter the output (1-6) to be controlled by that logical RCO
Output 1 of station 33 (Directory number 133) is mapped to logical RCO 34
Output 6 of station 33 (Directory number 133) is mapped to logical RCO 39


The RCO's are controlled from the Event Handler. Here are three practical examples:

Controlling the door lock

RCO 34 controls output 1 on the Turbine Compact. When this event is triggered relay 1 on the MRBD is activated for 3.5 seconds.


Activating a rotating lamp on incoming call

This event triggers when someone is calling the Main Guard which is in Private Mode. It will activate RCO 35, which is physically output 2 on the TKIS-2 with physical number 33. This output controls relay 2 on the MRBD which when activated turns on a rotating lamp to alert the Main Guard that there is an incoming call.


Opening a barrier at a predefined time

This event will trigger at 7am from Monday to Friday. It will activate RCO 36 which is output number 3 on the TKIS. This in turn operates relay 3 on the MRBD, and the barrier is raised.


Upload Data

When AlphaPro configuration is finished, upload the data by pressing Send All or Send Change from the top menu. After the upload is complete reset the exchange to make the changes take effect.

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