Licenses for ICX-500 and ICX-AlphaCom Core

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This article lists licenses available for ICX-500 and ICX-AlphaCom Core. All licenses can be stacked.

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  • From factory there is a 20-day free license period during which all features can be used without the need of any license.
  • When the free license period expires, there must be a valid license installed, if not the licensed feature or device will cease to operate
  • For licenses for AlphaCom XE see this article: Licenses for AlphaCom XE

License installation

  1. When Zenitel receives an order for ICX licenses, a Product Key will be sent by e-mail in return
  2. Download a Fingerprint File of the ICX product on which licenses are to be installed. This is done from the web interface: System Configuration > Licensing.
  3. Log on to the IC Asset Management System (AMS). This is a web page on internet.
  4. In the AMS, under the Product Key section, identify the product key received from Zenitel, and assign an "End Customer" from the dropdown list in the rightmost column.
  5. If the end customer is not in the list, select Add New End Customer under the End Customers section, then assign the End Customer to the product key.
  6. Select an end customer from the list of End Customers, and select Create Site Node. You are now prompted to upload the Fingerprint File of the ICX product.
  7. When the Site Node is created, click on this node. Select Add Licenses and enter the quantity required from the licenses available, then Add License
  8. You can now download a License File, or copy the license text.
  9. In the Web interface of the ICX-500 or ICX-AlphaCom Core, go to System Configuration > Licensing, and Upload the license file, or alternatively paste the license text.

Note icon For more information regarding license installation, please go to AMS - Asset Management System guideline

ICX-500 - License management page

Available licenses

Product number Short code Description Comment
    Device licenses  
1002600100 ILS-IC IP-station license Each IP station connected to ICX-AlphaCom requires this license. The maximum number of stations which is supported by ICX-AlphaCom is 552.
1002600200 ILS-CRM CRM license, to enable use of DAK48 module The IP Flush Master 1008031000 can be equipped with the expansion module, IP-DAK48.
1002600300 ILS-SC IP-station license, SoftClient The SoftClient will turn your PC into a Zenitel Intercom, providing access to a wide set of critical communication services. These services include ability to make intercom calls, public address calls, communicate with radios and make external telephone calls.
1002600400 ILS-ARIO IP-ARIO Audio License - 1 IP-ARIO The IP-ARIO is a multi-purpose unit providing I/O and audio interfaces to radio and PA amplifiers. The audio feature requires an ILS-ARIO license, one for each IP-ARIO unit.
1002600500 ILS-AMP Exigo amplifier channel license The Exigo Amplifier Channel License allows you to connect an to ICX-AlphaCom over IP.
1002600600 ILS-AVC Exigo AVC license
1002600700 ILS-SIP SIP station license The SIP Stations License for ICX-AlphaCom makes it possible to connect 3rd party SIP devices via IP.
    Interconnect licenses - ICX/AlphaNet (Maximum is 64)  
1002602001 ILI-AN2 License for 2 static lines. Endpoints must be defined. License for AlphaNet makes it possible to establish communication between ICX-AlphaCom, AlphaCom E and AlphaCom XE nodes in an IP network.
1002602003 ILI-AN8 License for 8 dynamic lines. No endpoint configuration necessary.
    Interconnect licenses - SIP Trunking (Maximum is 64)  
1002602101 ILI-SIP2 SIP Trunking, 2 lines The SIP Trunking License is required to establish a SIP-trunk between Vingtor-Stentofon ICX-AlphaCom and a 3rd party SIP-server. The license allows devices connected to the 3rd party SIP-server to call devices connected to ICX-AlphaCom and vice versa. It is also possible to use services provided by the remote server.
1002602102 ILI-SIP4 SIP Trunking, 4 lines
1002602103 ILI-SIP8 SIP Trunking, 8 lines
    Interconnect licenses - Audio Recording  
1002602201 ILI-REC2 Active recording interface - 2 users When enabled, a SIP call session is set up for each conversation which needs to be recorded to a compatible Network Audio Recorder. The call session includes metadata about the parties in the conversation and the conversation type – conversation, group/all call, conference. This mode of operation allows for the Network Audio Recorder to be located anywhere in the IP network, and even to receive call recording data from multiple ICX-AlphaCom audio servers at the same time.
1002602203 ILI-REC8 Active recording interface - 8 users
1002602204 ILI-REC16 Active recording interface - 16 users
1002602205 ILI-REC32 Active recording interface - 32 users
    Interconnect licenses - API/OPC/VS-Operator/Other interfaces  
1002602306 ILI-API64 API License Supporting 64 Stations The API license is used by the OPC Server and the VS-SDK for AlphaCom (Software Development Kit). Note that the VS-SDK for AlphaCom is also the SDK for ICX-AlphaCom.

The OPC server and the SDK communicates with the ICX-AlphaCom over the TCP/IP protocol. For the server to operate, a license has to be supplied to the ICX-AlphaCom. In an AlphaNet each exchange must have its own API license.

1002602309 ILI-API512 API License Supporting 512 Stations
1002602400 ILI-IF Interface enabling - Enables the ACDP, MPC, EDO/EDI and ESPA444 interfaces
    Functionality licenses  
1002604000 ILF-M-BAS Basic Audio Messaging License (Up to 10MB, max 3 alarm messages) When the audio messaging license is activated, ICX-AlphaCom will have a set of default messages such as absence, alarm and general information messages. It is easy to modify the default messages as well as to add new messages. Both new and modified messages can be recorded from an intercom station.

Furthermore, it is possible to create messages on a PC and upload these to the system via ICX-Web. This means that you can use your favorite audio and music programs to create messages, which can then be uploaded to the ICX-AlphaCom.

1002604100 ILF-M-ENH Enhanced Audio Messaging License (Up to 50MB)
1002604200 ILF-M-EXT Enhanced Audio Message with Extended Storage
1002604500 ILF-HBA High bandwidth audio license The HD Audio license allows for high bandwidth audio streaming to distribute background music.
    Redundancy licenses  
1002606006 ILR-U64 Redundancy License 64 Users
1002606008 ILR-U256 Redundancy License 256 Users
1002606009 ILR-U512 Redundancy License 512 Users
    Billing licenses  
1002606100 ILF-B1 Billing - 1 External Trunk / All Users The Vingtor-Stentofon Billing application makes it possible to manage and administer the communication fees and expenses for your Vingtor-Stentofon ICX-AlphaCom system. The application provides access authorization to external communication. The calling users will be identified based on PIN or subscriber number. Each user will have a set of authorization criteria such as credit line, user group, and trunk type, which determines if he/she will be granted access to external communication. Service accounts can be set up whereby several users with the same PIN code are given simultaneous access. Furthermore, users may be linked to extensions for calls that do not require PIN codes.
1002606103 ILF-B8 Billing - 8 External Trunks / All Users
1002606104 ILF-B16 Billing - 16 External Trunks / All Users
1002606105 ILF-B32 Billing - 32 External Trunks / All Users
    ICX-Core license  
1002600000 ICX-Core_x64 Software package ICX-AlphaCom Core for x64. ICX-AlphaCom Core can be installed either on a physical machine or virtual machine. ICX-AlphaCom Core offers the same functional capabilities as the ICX-500, and will provide your location will all the communication needs you may have. It is easy to extend in functionality and system size, and designed to be future-proof. The system can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.
Note! In redundancy, both virtual machines must have a ICX-Core license.