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Obsolete icon This product is discontinued!

IP-ARIO, Item Number: 1008095100

This product is discontinued. Replacement depends on type of use (see Kits - Comparison chart):

  • For PA integration, use TKIS-2
  • For Mobile Radio Integration use TKIE-2
  • For I/O, use IP-LCM

The IP Audio Remote I/O (IP-ARIO) unit has a wide set of hardware functions. It can be used as:

  • PA Interface over IP
  • Radio Interface over IP
  • Remote I/O unit over IP
  • Remote AlphaCom RS232 port over IP



  • AMC-IP version or newer
  • AlphaPro Version or newer


  • AlphaCom server is required
  • The IP-ARIO is not supported in Pulse or SIP mode.

License Requirements

  • An IP-ARIO Audio License is required in the AlphaCom when the audio part of IP-ARIO is used, i.e. when the IP-ARIO is used as PA interface or as a Mobile Radio interface.
  • If only the I/O part of the IP-ARIO is used, no license is required. The AlphaCom will automatically recognize the unit as an IP-ARIO and allow it to register without a license.



Advanced Network Settings

Restore Factory Defaults and Software Upgrade



Software Requirements

This station is fully supported as form AlphaCom version

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