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Message Short name Message no, Hex Description
ABSENCE_STATUS   0x002A Response to SET_ABSENCE and GET_ABSENCE messages
ALARM_MSG ALRM 0x0007 Set up (or disconnect) an ASVP Alarm message to a single station or a predefined group of stations
ALARM_MSG_ACK   0x0009 Positive response to ALARM_MSG
AUDIO_CH_DISCON   0x8012 Disconnect a audio channel after loopback test
AUDIO_CH_FAULTY   0x8013 Response to AUDIO_CH_LOOPBACK_REQ: Requested channel was faulty
AUDIO_CH_LOOPBACK_ACK   0x8011 Positive acknowledge of AUDIO_CH_LOOPBACK_REQ
AUDIO_CH_LOOPBACK_REQ   0x8010 Request for loopback audio connection. Used by the Audio Channel Testing process
AUDIO_CH_TONE_REQ   0x8015 Request a peer exchange to put a 500Hz tone on a audio channel
AUDIO_CODEC   0x801D Message sent in the direction of start node, from end node or trans-coding nodes along the path
AUDIO_DETECT VOX 0x0053 Triggers the event Simplex_Conference_Audio
AUDIO_LINK_NOT_AVAILABLE   0x8006 Response to AUDIO_PATH_SETUP from next node: Channel not granted
AUDIO_LINK_OK   0x8003 Response to AUDIO_PATH_SETUP. Channel number is OK
AUDIO_LINK_RELEASE   0x8005 Used to release audio path backwards stepwise from node to node when setup meets busy or faulty link
AUDIO_M_FEED_REQ   0x801A Global Simplex Conference: Some station is pressing the M-key when participating in a conference
AUDIO_M_FEED_STOP   0x801B Global Simplex Conference: The station is releasing the M-key
AUDIO_M_LINK_OK   0x8019 Per­ hop positive response to AUDIO_M_PATH_SETUP
AUDIO_M_PATH_OK   0x8017 Contains statuses for an AUDIO_M_PATH_SETUP from one or more destination exchanges
AUDIO_M_PATH_SETUP   0x8016 Communication in a multi-node network
AUDIO_PATH_CHECK_OK   0x800F Positive response to CHECK_AUDIO_PATH
AUDIO_PATH_DELAY   0x8007 Set Duplex switch delay
AUDIO_PATH_DISCONNECT   0x8006 Release the end­to­end audio path. Normal disconnect from source or destination
AUDIO_PATH_OK   0x8002 End to end message: Audio path is ready
AUDIO_PATH_SETUP   0x8001 Set up audio path between a source node and a destination node (possibly via transit nodes)
AUDIO_RTP_DTMF_DIGIT   0x8021 Rfc4733 RTP digit event send or receive
AUDIO_RTP_DTMF_SETUP   0x8020 Set up reception of rfc4733 digit events in RTP.
BUILD_GLOB_GRP   0x0070 Broadcast message to all exchanges to make them rebuild global group indexes
C_KEY C 0x0058 Order station to press C-key
CAC   0x00A9 Cancel All Conversations
CALL_SETUP CALL 0x0008 Sets up a conversation between two users
CALL_STATUS_BC   0x0040 Broadcast message telling the status of a call
CALL_TRANSFER TRF 0x0044 Set or remove call transfer for a station
CALL_TRANSFER_NOK   0x0046 Negative response to CALL_TRANSFER
CALL_TRANSFER_OK   0x0045 Positive response to CALL_TRANSFER
CANCEL_MAIL CANM 0x0065 Delete one or more mail/call request/alarm messages queued at a station
CDC_CMD   0x009F Used for Billing ABSD->AMCD
CDC_STATE   0x009E Used for Billing AMCD->ABSD
CFG_UPD   0x00A1 Signal update of configuration tables.
CHECK_AUDIO_PATH   0x800E Check of established audio path at regular intervals
CHILLY_RESET   0x0039 Simulates Chilly Reset sent from ICX-AlphaCom web interface
CLEAR_RCO CLR 0x0015 Turn the given remote control output off
CLEAR_RCO_FAILED   0x0017 Negative response to the CLEAR_RCO message
CLEAR_RCO_OK   0x0016 Positive response to the CLEAR_RCO message
COMMAND_RESPONSE   0x0066 General response message to messages
CONN_2_GROUP C2G 0x00B0 Connect the audio from a group to the speaker of the group
CONF_IS_ROOT   0x007B Broadcast message. Sender informs that it is root of conference
CONF_JOIN   0x0078 Exchange wants to join conference, asks root-exchange to setup connection back to sender
CONF_MEMB_CHK   0x0079 Ask whether any neighbor exchange has any ordinary member left in conference
CONF_NOT_ROOT   0x007C Broadcast message. Sender informs that it is no longer root of conference
CONF_ORD_MEMB   0x007A An exchange tells its neighbors that it has ordinary member left in conference
CONF_TALK   0x008B Set Simplex conference speaker
CONF_TALK_STOP   0x008C Stop station form feeding Simplex conference
CONN_REF_ACK   0x000E The external application acknowledges the CONN_REFERENCE
CONN_REFERENCE   0x000B Positive response from the exchange to CONN_REQUEST
CONN_REQUEST CONN 0x000A Sets up a coversation between two users
CONN_STATUS_BC   0x0041 Broadcast message telling that a connection is established
CONSOLE_DISC   0x007F Log off from system debug console (TST)
CONSOLE_REQ   0x007E Log on to system debug console (TST)
COPY_MAIL CPYM 0x0083 Send a copy of a mail in own queue to a new destination (station or group)
D2S   0x00B4 Send key press to a AlphaCom registered SIP station.
DELETE_MAIL DELM 0x0034 Delete a mail entry in the queue for an intercom station
DELETE_MAIL_ACK   0x0035 Response to the DELETE_MAIL message
DEVICE_INFO   0x003B Response to the GET_DEVICE message
DIAL_DAK   0x0094 Dial DAK on a station
DIAL_DIGITS DD 0x0050 Simulate digit dialing from a station
DIGIT_RELEASE DREL 0x0052 The station has released a digit press
DIP_FWD DIP 0x00A0 Send DIP messages to IP stations
DISC_REQ   0x0011 Conversation established with CONN_REQUEST: The external application disconnects a conversation.
DISC_REQ_ACK   0x0012 Conversation established with CONN_REQUEST: The AlphaCom acknowledges the DISC_REQ message
DISCON_ST   0x008E Disconnect station from ongoing feature
DISCON_STATUS_BC   0x0042 Broadcast message telling that a connection is disconnected.
DISCONNECTED   0x000F Conversation established with CONN_REQUEST: Conversation was disconnected, e.g. the user pressed C-key
DISCONNECTED_ACK   0x0010 Conversation established with CONN_REQUEST: Acknowledge of the DISCONNECTED message
DISPLAY_TEXT DSPL 0x005A Send text and control characters to a station
DPMT_INVALID   0x0000 Reserved value for internal use
DTMF_CONN   0x0097 Generate DTMF tone during conversation (Only during conversation with RingMaster)
DTS   0x00B2 Update display text on station.
DUMMY   0xFFFE Test message: Should be routed, accepted and ignored
EC_STATE   0x0093 Update remote node of the Echo Canceler state of station.
EVENT_REPORT ER 0x0067 Report an event to the event/action system
EXECUTE_COMMAND X 0x004F Send a command string to the exchange to be executed there
EXT_FEATURE_BC   0x0043 Broadcast message when a directory number (feature 50) is dialed on a station
EXT_MAIL   0x0030 Response to the GET_x_MAIL messages
GET_ABSENCE GABS 0x0029 Get absence status for an intercom station
GET_DEVICE GDEV 0x003A Get information from an external device
GET_FIRST_MAIL   0x002E Get the first mail entry in the queue for an intercom station
GET_LAST_MAIL   0x0064 Get the last mail entry in the queue for an intercom station
GET_NEXT_MAIL   0x002F Get the next mail entry in the queue for an intercom station
GET_PIN_COUNTS GPC 0x0013 Query a RIO about number of output and input pins and support for non mandatory features
GET_PREV_MAIL   0x0063 Get the previous mail entry in the queue for an intercom station
GET_REQ_TRANSF   0x002C Get the Call Request Transfer status for an intercom station
GET_SYSTEM_TIME GTS 0x0025 Ask a device (AlphaCom) for date and time
GET_THIS_MAIL   0x004A Get the identified mail entry in the queue for an intercom station
GLOB_GRP_MEMB   0x006A A exchange tells which global groups this exchange is member of by broadcasting this to all exchanges
GROUP_MEMBERSHIP GRM 0x0081 Set group membership in NVRAM for a station
GROUP_MSG GM 0x00A6 Start SVP message playback to group
GROUP_MSG_STOP GMS 0x00A7 Stop SVP message playback to group
HANDSET_OFF HOFF 0x0056 Order station to lift handset
HANDSET_ON HON 0x0057 Order station to replace handset
HS_SIDE   0x00A2 Turn handset sidetone on/off
ILLEGAL_PARAM   0x0023 Negative response
LOG_STRING LOG 0x0075 Output String to System Log
M_KEY M 0x0054 Order station to press M-key
M_KEY_RELEASE MREL 0x0055 Order station to release M-key
MAILQ_NAVIG   0x008D Do operation on mail queue, or step current mail in mail queue
MODIFY_COS_CONTENTS MCC 0x0091 Modify feature membership in COS in NVRAM
MVO   0x00A8 Mask volume and handset override ON/OFF
NAME_EXTENSION   0x0080 Special exchange mode using two line names: Send the second line through AlphaNet
NO_ACCESS   0x003F Negative response to CONN_REQUEST
O_DUPL_CONF ODC 0x006F Include/exclude a station or a group into/from an Open Duplex Conference
OD_CONF_ENTERED   0x0076 The participant has entered an Open Duplex Conference
OD_CONF_LEAVE   0x0071 The participant has left the Open Duplex Conference
PA_CMD   0x00AE Acknowledge and remove IP-ARIO PA failure states.
PARK_INQ_BROKER INQ 0x0086 Park station from conversation, enter Inquiry call state
PAR_RING   0x0098 Add a Parallel Ringer station to a call in ringing state
PIN_COUNTS   0x0014 Response to the GET_PIN_COUNTS message
PING   0x003C Test device: “Are you there?”
PLAY_DAK PD 0x009C "Dial sequence" for playback.
POLL_RCI POLL 0x001D Poll the given remote control input once
PONG   0x003D Response to the PING message. “Yes, I’m here.”
PROG_CONF CONF 0x0004 Set Simplex conference for predefined group of stations or a single station
PROG_CONF_ACK   0x0006 Positive response to PROG_CONF
PROG_CONF_NAK   0x004E Negative response to PROG_CONF
PROGRAM PROG 0x0001 Set audio program for single station or a predefined group of stations
PROGRAM_ACK   0x0003 Positive response to PROGRAM
PROGRAM_NAK   0x004D Negative response to PROGRAM
PULSE_RCO PULS 0x001B Generate a pulse with the defined length
PULSE_RCO_FAILED   0x0022 Negative response to the PULSE_RCO message
PULSE_RCO_OK   0x001C Positive response to the PULSE_RCO message
PUT_STRING   0x0073 Output String to Exchange serial port after adding appropriate framing depending on selected port
Q_ELEM_ADDED   0x004B Broadcast message. Reports that a mail message has been added to a station’s mail queue
Q_ELEM_REMOVED   0x004C Broadcast message. Reports that a mail message has been removed from a station’s mail queue
R_KEY   0x00A4 R_KEY signal
RCI_CHANGED RCIC 0x0084 New RCI state reported from the exchange
RCI_IS_OFF   0x001E Response to the POLL_RCI and SCAN_RCI_ONCE messages, input pin is off
RCI_IS_ON   0x001F Response to the POLL_RCI and SCAN_RCI_ONCE messages, input pin is on
RCO_CHANGED RCOC 0x0085 New RCO state reported from the exchange
REC   0x00B3 Start and Stop recording (Recording on demand)
REQ_TRANSF   0x002D Response to the SET_REQ_TRANSF and GET_REQ_TRANSF messages
REQ_TRANSF_CALL TRFC 0x0088 Transfer call in an Inquiry Call situation.
RESET_AUDIO_LINK   0x8000 Reset audio link between nodes
RESET_DEVICE RESET 0x0039 Reset a device
RESET_TAKEN RSST 0x0038 A device reports that it has done an internal reset
RESOURCE_BUSY   0x003E Negative response to CONN_REQUEST
ROUTE_ALPHAPRO_MSG   0x006E Send AlphaPro message via AlphaNet to/from a remote node
SC   0x00B8 Set station in silence call mode for next feature activated
SCAN_END_ACK   0x0024 Acknowledgment to the RCI_IS_OFF and RCI_IS_ON messages
SCAN_RCI_ACK   0x0021 Positive response to the SCAN_RCI_ONCE message
SCAN_RCI_ONCE SCAN 0x0020 Scan input until defined condition is met, then report to exchange
SEND_MAIL SM 0x0031 Send a mail message to an intercom station
SEND_MAIL_ACK   0x0033 Response to the SEND_MAIL and SEND_TEXT_MAIL messages
SEND_TXT_MAIL STM 0x0032 Send a mail message with free text to an intercom station
SET_ABSENCE SABS 0x0028 Set absence status for an intercom station
SET_CALL_REQ_MODE SCRM 0x006C Turn on/off message “your call is registered, please wait”, then ringing/flashing at a station
SET_DIRNO_TXT SDT 0x0077 Change the display text of a directory number (station or feature)
SET_GRP_FILT GFLT 0x007D Set group call filter for a station
SET_IPRCO   0x00AD Set a physical RCO on IP station or IP-ARIO
SET_LOGICAL_RCO SLRC 0x006B Set or clear a logical RCO
SET_MAIL_TIMEOUT SMT 0x0082 Set the timer of a mail queue entry
SET_NODE_NUMBER   0x006D Change the node number of an exchange
SET_RCO SET 0x0018 Turn the given remote control output on
SET_RCO_FAILED   0x001A Negative response to the SET_RCO message
SET_RCO_OK   0x0019 Positive response to the SET_RCO message
SET_REQ_TRANSF SCRT 0x002B Set transfer of Call Request for an intercom station
SET_STATION_COS SSC 0x0090 Set COS membership in NVRAM for a station
SIMP   0x00A3 Set conversation in simplex
SET_SYSTEM_TIME SST 0x0027 Set the internal clock to the given date and time
SET_TIMER ST 0x008F Start or stop a timer
SINGLE_DIGIT DIG 0x0051 Dial one digit on a station
SNV SNV 0x0095 Update specific system settings (NVRAM) values
SMALL_RESET   0x00BC Simulates Small Reset sent from ICX-AlphaCom web interface
ST_AUDIO_OPT   0x00AB Control audio options of station in connection.
ST_BUSY_BC   0x0036 Broadcast message: Intercom station is busy
ST_FREE_BC   0x0037 Broadcast message: Intercom station is free
ST_GROUP_DISCON SGD 0x0074 Switch off Group Call audio at a station that receives Group Call audio at the moment
STATION_EVENT_BLOCK SEB 0x00B1 Allow blocking of events from IP station
STATION_BUSY   0x000D Negative response to CONN_REQUEST.
STATION_CONVERSATION   0x0060 Message from remote exchange. Set station in conversation mode. Stop tone and open mic.
STATION_DOWN   0x000C Negative response to CONN_REQUEST
STATION_INFO   0x801F SIP update of number and display text
STATION_LISTEN   0x0061 Message from remote exchange. Set station in listen mode. Shut mic
STATION_TRANSFER   0x0062 Message from remote exchange: Transfer of B subscriber.
STATUS_REPORT   0x0072 Report equipment Presence and Error/OK status
SVP_ST   0x00AC Start playback of a message during conversation
SYNC_FLASH   0x00A5 Dump local database to flash file system
SYSPARAM   0x00B5 Set and read system parameter
SYSTEM_TIME   0x0026 Response to the GET_SYSTEM_TIME and SET_SYSTEM_TIME message
TEMP_PROG TPROG 0x0096 Temporarily "mute" program distribution to a station
TRUNK_SIG   0x00B7 Activate backward digit signaling on SIP trunk.
UNPARK   0x0087 Unpark station from Inquiry call state station, return to conversation
UPD_MAIL_TIMEOUT   0x009D Used for Ringing Group to update mail timeout in AlphaNet
VCP_MEET_REQ   0x0069 Request answer to global group call
VOIP_AUDIO_CONFIG VAC 0x00AF Configure the RTP stream station
VOL   0x009B Set station volume
WAKE_UP   0x0047 Register or remove wake­up request
WAKE_UP_ACK   0x0048 Positive response to WAKE_UP
WAKE_UP_NAK   0x0049 Negative response to WAKE_UP
WRITE_USER_DEF_DATA WUDD 0x008A Write User Defined Data (UDD)